Dr. Johan Cloete
Psychology & Neurofeedback Practitioner

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Marriage Therapy in Mulbarton, Johannesburg


Co-creating a more preferred life with and for you

According to statistics only about 12% of couples find their way to building a great, fulfilling relationship on their own. The other 88% range from neutral relationships (2 persons living separate lives in a shared physical space) to extremely negative relationship. It has, therefore, become the ”normal” in modern day relationships that couples need help with their marrriage relationship.

EFT Marriage counseling

Emotionally focused couple therapy is based upon scientific study of the adult love and bonding processes in couples and is helpful to address distress in adult intimate relationships. It can also be used to help family members to connect and improve attachments.

Couples and families find this method a beneficial approach, as it can help people better understand both their own emotional needs and responses, as well as those of the significant others in their lives.

I am one of a few advanced EFT couple therapists in South Africa.

For more information about Emotion Focused Couple Therapy and my status as a practitioner, please go to www.iceeft.com.