Dr. Johan Cloete

BA Hons (Psych) UF; MTh, DTh (Ph.D)  UNISA

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Cell.: 073 4584079

Psychology Practitioner
in Mulbarton, Johannesburg

(Category: Registered Counsellor)

Suite 105A, Mulbarton Medical Centre, 25 True North Road, Mulbarton

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About me:

I am a psychology practitioner (Category: Registered Counsellor) working at the Netcare Mulbarton Hospital in the south of Johannesburg and at the Midvaal Private Hospital in Three Rivers. I collaborate with individuals, couples, groups and business people to enhance their functioning and to live the lives they prefer.

My scope of practice:

My scope of practice is to render primary psychological interventions and counselling to individuals and groups, at an affordable price, aiming at enhancing personal functioning.



BA Hons Psychology (UF)
MTh Pastoral Therapy with focus on Narrative Counselling (UNISA)


Certified EMDR Practitioner

Certified Emotional Focused Couples Therapist

Advanced TRE ™ Practitioner
Licensed Heartmath® Trainer

Brainspotting Practitioner

Biofeedback Practitioner

Qualified STRENGTHSCOPE® accredited user


I am registered  as a Psychology Practitioner with…

The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) in the category of Registered Counselor in Independent Private Practice
(PRC 0012726)

The Board of Health Care Funders of Southern Africa as private practitioner as

(Practice number 0414298)


Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA)
ACRP as professional body and Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors
International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
EMDR International Association
TRE International and TRE Africa

Biofeedback Association of South Africa


Looking for a Professional Psychology Counsellor?


Everybody gets stuck somehow, sometime. When it happens, you may need somebody to collaborate with you to take a step in a preferred direction. This is how I may be of able to assist you to renegotiate…

Collaborating with me in counselling sessions may empower you to…

My collaborating role as your narrative counsellor…

Psychologist in Vereeniging helping hand

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Psychologist in Mulbarton Johannesburg south


My fees are according to the National Health Pricelist. Most medical aid funds adhere to these fees. If you want your medical aid fund to pay for my services, make sure that there are sufficient funds prior to making an appointment.

My cash fee for a counselling session is R630.00 per session (negotiable under certain circumstances)

Payment options:

Medical aid schemes


Card facilities

Short term accounts

My role as a registered psychology counsellor is to create an environment that is safe for us to work with any preferred areas of your life.

To facilitate the process I will…

Your Psychologist

Psychologists uses different styles of psychological therapy. A psychologist will have training in the general field of psychology as well a specialized training in certain theories of counseling or therapy.

A Psychologist…

will usually disclose his/her preferred style of therapy making it easier for you to decide whether you will be comfortable with the style your psychologist uses. And therefore making it easier to choose the psychologist you want to work with. If uncertain, ask your psychologist what his/her preferred style of therapy or counseling is.


a more preferred life

with and for you

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During this time of national emergency - and after the emergency regulations are lifted - I am available for counselling sessions:

  1. EITHER in person (face-to-face) counselling sessions at my practice (where Covid-19 measures will be in place for as long as it is needed). Please contact me to book a session.

  1. OR video counselling sessions via Zoom. Please contact me to book a session. As soon as you book an appointment for a video session the necessary information wil be sent to you in order to confirm and set the date and time for the session. For more information about the online therapy sessions, please visit my website at:

As a psychologist…

I do have counselling skills that will help you, but I prefer to work from the primary assumption that you are the EXPERT in your life! I therefore use narrative counselling as my main approach in therapy.

Narrative counselling is a unique approach that places your experience in a central position of importance. Then I use the stories you tell about of our life as the key to the healing or growth process. And through our conversation about your life stories we (together) find a way to shape new realities in your life. Ander create new narratives/stories of hope for your life.

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Besides my narrative approach in journeying with clients, I am trained in the following (highly effective) techniques and brief protocols:

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One of my main areas of therapy is helping people to deal with traumatic events. In my approach I use several techniques to help trauma victims to reprocess the experience of the trauma.

1. I will help you to retell the story in other, and more constructive, ways – without having to experience the strong negative emotions that resulted from the event over and over again.

2. I will assist you to rethink the event from a place of learning and to master the process of effectively managing the meaning you give to the event and the emotional effects of the event.

3. I will help you to regain confidence, consciously limit the effects of the event and to reclaim your life.

I also use TRETM  -  a revolutionary new method for stress and trauma recovery, developed by dr David Berceli.

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If you decide to use me as a facilitator in your journey towards wholeness, you can expect:

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Individual Counselling

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